Tampere City Bike service and operating

Have you already tried Tampere’s city bikes? City bikes are part of Tampere’s public transport and we at Tampere Sarka are proud to have been responsible for the customer service and operation of city bikes for three seasons in a row. We strive to make using city bikes as easy and hassle-free as possible for customers.

In the tasks of operating city bikes, we make sure that there are always bikes available at the bike stations, so that our customers can pick up and use the bike flexibly according to their needs. If necessary, we maintain and repair the bikes quickly and professionally. In the operation tasks, work is done in two shifts from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 6 pm. Operating duties require a driver’s license, manual skills and some technical understanding as well. City bikes work with the help of an application.

In the customer service tasks of city bikes, we help by answering customers’ questions during the city bike season. We serve our customers from Monday to Sunday from April to the turn of October to November. Customer service tasks require a genuine desire to serve customers by phone and electronically, Finnish skills, reasonable IT skills and English language skills. Both customer service and our bike garage are located in the Rusko industrial area, from where the operation takes place. You can also take advantage of our career coaching service for city bike jobs, read more here.

Recruitment for the positions of city bikes starts around the turn of the year. Occasional jobs may be available in the current season as well.