Career Coaching

At Sarka, we want to support our employees’ career development and continuous learning. As a Sarka employee, you have the opportunity to take advantage of personal career coaching, where we can map your skills and strengths together, think about your further employment or outline a completely new direction for your career. Career coaching offers you individual support for employment, and its content is tailored exactly to your needs. You can get help, for example, in expressing your own expertise, practical job search tips or help in matters related to a change of field. Our career coaches also help you figure out practical issues and update job search documents.

Sarka has been trained in, for example, real estate maintenance and business degrees, as well as immediate supervisor degrees. Studying is a low-threshold way of completing a partial degree while working. The partial degree completed by studying is based on evidence, which is typically completed at the end of the work period. The screen verifies the competence accumulated at work, which is evaluated by the supervisor. Studying is therefore learning that takes place in a work environment, and an easy way to complete a partial degree, for example if you are still unsure about the field or your own ability to cope.

Our employees have also trained as school attendance counselors and children’s counselors with an apprenticeship contract. A work period at Sarka can also open a path to future studies, for example as a home care provider or a property manager.

Our career coaches will be in contact with you after your employment starts.